Monday, March 02, 2009

Ticketmaster Presales -UGHH

Step 1. Preparation- do your research. keep presale codes available. ensure account is up to date, credit card expiration dates are good and you are logged in.

Step 2. Check the prep. Log into Ticketmaster before designated time. Periodically check and refresh before designated time. ( You can call too and keep people on the phone with inane requests until designated time- says Grateful dead girl who gets comped into concerts) Refresh, refresh, refresh,
expect heart rate to increase, anxiety to raise, and ready set go.... when the screen appears for sales.

Step 3.....register number of tickets, price range or Best Available and hit the search....ticketmaster asks you to type in words, type as written, comma, periods, etc... tickets will search... 2 minutes to keep tickets or search again, anxiety get worse, heart racing.. If you keep them, you may have passed on better seats, if you give them up, you may not get any.... decision... decision... you can do this with multiple browsers to see two tickets at each time.... let them go... get more by repeating seatch.. if you forget a step... ticketmaster will tell you.. type in the codes, search, search,

Step 4... decide, decide and hit the buy button.... continue to shipping methods or will call... standard mail is free and then hit the button, continue... confirmation confirmation confirmation... tickets are bought and verified by email notice.. Print your receipt..

Exhausted for the pressure and stress of playing the game but you have tickets to that show you want to go to... ..