Thursday, June 28, 2007

summer begins in Muttsville

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 28, 2007

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 28, 2007

Verticle Oracle card Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Welcome to Part Two of your outlook for the second half of 2007. We're checking up on how you're progressing with the long-term tasks you were assigned six months ago. By now you've probably figured out that it's the Year of Secrets. Truths that have long been hidden from you are emerging, and if you keep on probing, the rest will spill out between now and December. Certain feelings you have been concealing from yourself are also bubbling up into your awareness. Fuzzy understandings that have previously hindered your ability to see the big picture are finally coming into focus as well. Don't fear or resist these developments, Capricorn. They will free up a lot of blocked energy.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

still crazy after all these years

Everyday, i try to board the Q train so i can get a seat. i can take the express train but then i have to change at Atlantic Ave and its packed with city and court workers and wall streeters. So i sit every morning with the mothers taking their kids to school, the foreigners reading foreign papers and me with my IPOD and Newspaper. I change at 14th street.
When i am training, i am about 15 minutes ahead of myself. That has been for 30 days of the 6 months that i have worked at the Academy. Last Thursday, was a day like any other day, except i had my glasses on because my eyes were tired from school and trying to read, and trying to work on ITUNES til after midnight.

As i walked through the train station, i spot a familiar woman. A woman who i know who bent over to kiss me. We exchanged pleasantries. a quick catch up. What has happened since we ran into each other last time. For me, I change in jobs, because i lost my job and now a trainer at the ACS Academy. A summer of Maturnity leave..."where are the pictures of the children she asks?" A maturnity leave that fruited no children. A second career training CPS workers. She asks me if its "a good fit" i think it is. She tells me she got married a month ago. To a man or woman, I ask. She says a man. The man that i saw her with the last time i saw her. She is still in the same job and living in Peekskill. I hand her my work number and tell her my home number has changed. She repeats the phrase "its been a wild ride" that i said earlier in the conversation. She repeats it again.

I run into a colleague who i am fond of and i tell her of my chance meeting. A meeting with someone who was an important student or protege. Someone who i nurtured, trained, understood, loved like a child or as close to any child that i would give birth to. A woman who needed to be nurtured and needed parenting and i needed to parent. I needed to transmit my knowledge to someone. We worked together, we cried about clients, she tested my limits as a supervisor. She didnt want the disapproval but got it with love for the first time. She could complete my sentences and knew my clinical sense. She respected and needed me.

I know that i was the one who needed to change the relationship and i resented it when she could not be there for me when i needed someone, anyone, a friend the most. I expected her to be able to change roles and thought that there was a mutual friendship in this complicated relationship. It really was more complicated than that. It was a parent child relationship. Mentor-Mentee, Big sister, little sister but what it wasnt, it was not a friendship- it was not to be in the reverse. I could not depend. i could not ask for having my needs met, other than the needs i was receiving from being the teacher not student. when i needed more than she could give, or was used to giving.... i was angry and hurt and she was confused.

I am not sure that we can reconnect or be friends. we are not mutual friends. we will not be friends

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 21, 2007

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 21, 2007

Verticle Oracle card Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
We're almost halfway through 2007. Let's take inventory of how well you're capitalizing on this year's unique opportunities. Are you exorcising the ghosts that have messed with you for so long? Have you been wrapping up all unfinished business and resolving every ambiguous pain-in-the-ass that has sapped your energy? I hope so. By your next birthday, I'm rooting for you to finally graduate from the lessons you've been studying for years. Then you'll be primed and receptive for the fresh teachings that will begin flowing your way in 2008.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Civil Service Exam 1- Staff Analyst Trainee

Yesterday, i was to take the STaff Analyst Trainee Exam. its the entry level civil service exam within the title that i have. It will enable me to become a permanent "not provisional" employee and will allow me to take promotional exams. All that stuff doesnt mean much to me now.

I took the prep course at the Union office and swore each day that i would study. I never quite got to study and when i tried to read the test questions, they bored me or seemed too hard or were outside of my comfort zone so i generally gave up.

I knew that i needed some basic knowledge of statistics, depended on my ability to be a manager, supervisor and 30 years of work experience to get me through. So i was anxious or more anxious than i thought but didnt know where to start to study. I looked at the material all week briefly without really studying and i didnt buy the DVDs..

I did though take the prep course. so the test was called for 430pm at canarsie HS.
i got up later than usual and had coffee and relaxed and did chores and then headed over to get my toenails done. I read the material during the pedicure.

I packed fruit, cough drops, water, pencils, water and all in a clear bag. I was not to take in my cellphone but took the calculator that they sent me.
I took my ticket and directions and went to the HS. I ran into three people that i knew from the course and one person from my job

the test was to be at 430 and we started to line up at 330 and time passed on and passed on. the sky began to be overcast and seemed like it open up and rain. when it started to rain, they let us in to sit in the auditorium. Finally it was after 6pm when we were escorted to our rooms and instructions were given. we were to fill out cards, and forms and wait for the bell to start.
the bell started and the forms were opened. The exam was upside down and pages were a mess. The woman next to me had a scientfic calculator that wasnt caught til midway through and someone's cellphone kept ringing..( all of those against the rules)

I worked my way through the exam with ease. I did all the examples and did all the math even though i thought i could short cut the answers. Mid way through the exam. I saw an essay that you had to read and answer questions. the Topic Domestic violence. then authorizing people for SSI, Medicaid, Scrie or food stamps...then figuring out level of care under homemaking. I was feeling my social work comfort zone. Luckily, i was comfortable with the topic and could do the simple math and grammar. I also could do scheduling and apply personnel policies and procedures.
I think there were about 10 questions of 80 that i may have gotten wrong..

I got out of there after 930pm and was too late to get to prospect park for my friend's party and Joan Osbourne.

I knew that this was gonna be an adventure when i saw the Q train -Duracell battery salesman who sells his fake duracells on the train, taking the same test as i was..
He had two pencil protectors and plenty of pencils..

Me i had one #2 that broke so i was using a broken tip pencil through the test til i asked for another.

I was outrageous asking the monitors for the buffet line and bar and casino as we were so late in one had dinner or food so we were cranky and people left the exam. I knew the 430 start time would be a deterrent but i went and did my best anyway.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Anniversary - Suzanne Vega

Fall in all attendant memories
Crowd the day with unrelated histories
Each year leaves its unresolving fantasies
That hang around each corner
Hang around each street
Thick with ghosts, the wind whips round in circuitries
Carrying words as strangers exchange pleasantries
Do they intrude upon your private reveries?
As they meet you on every corner
Meet you in each street
Watch for daily braveries
Notice new found courtesies
Finger sudden legacies
As they wash down every corner
Clean up every street
Mark the month and all its anniversaries
Put away the drafts of all your eulogies
Clear the way for all your possibilities
[Anniversary lyrics on]

'Cause they live upon each corner
Live on every street
Watch for daily braveries
Notice new found courtesies
Finger sudden legacies
As they wash down every corner
They clean up every street
Mark the month and all its anniversaries
Put away the drafts of all your eulogies
Clear the way for all your possibilities
'Cause they live upon each corner
They live on every street
They live upon each corner
They live on every street
Make the time for all your future revelries
Live on every street

Here I am Lyrics

Artist/Band: Carpenter Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: Here I Am
Lyrics for Album: The Calling

I've waited longer for lesser things
But here I am
Who really knows what tomorrow brings
But here I am
Just in case you were wondering
Just in case you lost again
Just in case you run out of friends, here I am

It's so easy to rip and to tear, se here I am
What you need the most
Disappears into thin air, so here I am
Maps and compasses may stay true
It doesn't really matter what you do
I have never forgotten you
Here I am

Some days our reach
Is bound to far exceed our grasp
I gave up hoping long ago
I could fix the past, here I am

Today I called you
For the very first time in a million years
You would never know if I told you so
About these million tears
Life doesn't wave as it's speeding by
Better grab on fast and hold on tight
And don't ever forget to fight this good fight
And here I am
Here I am
Here I am
Here I am

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 14, 2007

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 14, 2007

Verticle Oracle card Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
"Women are much more willing to talk about both their disasters and delights than men," says poet and workshop leader Robert Bly. I hope that you men refute his assertion in the coming week, because it'll be a favorable time for Capricorns of all genders to spend quality time testifying and singing and wondering about the most vivid experiences from your past. You're liable to attract a variety of blessings if you come to new understandings about your disasters and delights. The best way to do that is to revisit them and revision them with fresh language.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Patricia Norton Dies

Patricia Norton, age 62 dies of lung failure and heart disease after a long illness with Emphysema.

I met Ms Norton in May of 1984, when my boss sent me down to Coney Island to visit the first foster parent that I would be working with. As I was not prepared, i sat for 4 hour drinking coffee and looking at photos in photo albums. I remember many of the children at Ms Norton's. Black, white, spanish, sickly and well. I remember her stories of Damien with pyloric stenosis who projectile vomitted and she treated him with special formula.

My own cases, Shaquana, who was stolen by her mom. Moses, the baby so sick and neglected he almost needed hospitalization til Pat started to bring him back to life. She nursed that child til he regain healthy skin, weight and alertness. Cindy who would spike fevers of 106 and I ended up taking her to the Emergency Room for repeated ear infections which finally was diagnosed as kidney infection. Coney Island, Kings County were some of our hangouts til Myles.

Myles was a blonde, wide eyed 2 1/2 year old born to a prostitute heroine using mother in the South Bronx. She was hosptalized when i met Myles and I never met his mom because she died Monday of a long weekend and when i came back to work and was gonna visit, i found out she died. Myles was living with Ms Norton and got attached to her. He entered care sick but we never knew that he had an illness we could not cure. Miles with explosive diaherra was diagnoses as one of the first pediatric Aids cases in the country.
Pat and I learned all we could about Aids. We called the Gay Mens Crisis Center because they were the only resources there was. We were affiliated with Downstate Medical Center and for years we were monitoring Myles Health.
Pat had the chance to make a decision about caring for Myles and early in his diagnosis because of community pressure and her sons, she asked for his removal. Two days later, she called and said she couldnt live without him and She and her youngest son decided, she wanted to care for Myles.
Myles remained with her til his death at age 11. There was his adoption and trips to florida and limo rides and plenty of Doctor appointments. Myles was seen regularly and suffered many hospitalizations due to pediatric Aids. He knew he was sicker than most kids and didnt know he had Aids til late in life.

After the first few Xmas eves of bring gifts as part of my job and the fact that noone else wanted to be infected by being Myles Social Worker, i spent 11 christmas eves at Ms Nortons house. With my 18 months and more as her worker and through being on the Board of Directors of an Aids organization at Kings Country. I became part of the Norton Family.

There were times that I was called to the Hospital, Coney Island Hospital or NY Hospital to see Myles as he was ill or possibly dying. None seemed to be the time that was the one that would be the End. There was the time that Myles was given the chance to meet the Pope. He was at St Patricks Cathedral and I was called to come up and meet the Pope But by the time i got there, Pat and Myles were in session and I was not to meet the Pope. Myles had been granted some wishes by Make A Wish...Limos to his Adoption, Trips to Florida etc

Then there was the night that I got a call from Pat to come to NY hospital, Myles was already 11 and i knew from Pat that he planned his own funeral and cremation, The Psychologist have been in to meet with him and certified that he was capable to do so. I headed up to the hospital to find the Hospital Priest giving him his last rights. Myles was not really aware of me and he talked about Michael Jordan. I had to leave the room as my knees were giving out and i knew that It was only a matter of hours, days and Myles would be dead.

THe call came from Pat Norton that Myles died in her arms. I left the hospital after keeping vigil while Pat showered. I remember smoking cigarettes with her outside and leaving her at NY Hospital. I disparately wanted to leave. I went home and within 12 hours i got the call that Myles had died.
Pat planned a beautiful funeral and i remember crying at the wake. I attended the Catholic funeral and going with Pat to pick up MYles ashes.
I spent the next few xmas eves with the NOrton's and was there through Stephen's death a few years later.
Stephen knew he had AIds but Myles never really understood what it meant to have AIDS. it was a matter of a few years but really light years from being an outcast and to being understood.
I am not that these would be alive today if they were diagnosed today. They would be accepted and not shamed or abandoned or admonished for being contagious.

So i went to the Wake of Patricia Norton Saturday. I saw a fragile, frail fighter who took on the world of fear when no one else really wanted to. Patricia Norton, a woman who gave her own oldest child up for adoption, lived her final years with her Son's adopted mother. Patricia Norton, advocate, mother to all those needed a mother including me. I realized that she raised me, educated me to parenting, changing babies, exposed me to different cultures and as her kids told me " Pat loved you". Pat took a young caseworker and let me be the "professional Social worker" while she was the "professional parent" and i let her parent. Maybe that is why we worked so well together. We let each other do our jobs.

I sat with Peachy, mother of her granddaughter, Robert her youngest son and the one who welcomed me into the home, Carlos, her son who was in gangs and prison. JOey, her oldest who is 6 years sober and his mom Judy. Judy told me about the last 10 years of Pat's life.

Misleading information pisses me off

Well sometimes, my impatience and my sense of what is right and what is wrong just gets the best of me....

Saturday, i went with Valjean, my current Hero, and his roommates to the Crumpler Beer for Bag sale. When we got at the beer place, i was overanxious to get the beer and get to Crumplers because of all the news of lines and demands for beer for bags. Well, when i got there the Beer that i wanted was posted at 29.95 and when i asked the man the prices, he quoted me a price slightly higher. So i explained to the woman at the counter that the law said that I was to be given the lower price. I also informed her that i would calling the Attorney General's office. Like the Soup Nazi, I was reprimanded by two men and thrown out of the store. They labeled me a trouble maker and refused to sell me Beer. Its a very old Brooklyn thing that they did. Throwing me out and refusing my sale but not refusing my money. Chris bought the beer and we were on our way to Crumplers.

We traded beer for Bags and off i went to Macys to return some stuff and back home.

Seeing my MP3 player was stolen, i replaced it and i needed to upgrade to XP and Media Player 10 so i started to do that Saturday night but was unsuccessful. Sunday, i got XP working and had to call verizon to help me. They are also now on my Attorney General List..
the tech helped me as far as she could, promised someone to call me back....they never did...when they did, they were the premium service that wanted to charge me for something they could not help me with. I was ripped off by verizon and Nothing pisses me off more than false misleading information. So my task today is write the Attorney General and to get to Verizon about their "helpful" customer service.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

An American Portrait of the Arts

this is PS1 Galllery art at its best...

Speaking of Art....

I spend a friday night at the Whitney at their exhibition on the Summer of Love. It was a exhibition of the part posters and photographs from the Fillmore East, Fillmore West, London, San Francisco scene. Its was made up of photographs, poster art and a review of that summer 1969. I happened to be sitting in a Austin Powers Psychodelic installation and started talking to two women who were in Hunter College in 1968. One worked in the Joshua Light show and then went on to work wiht the Dead. They gladly gave me insight to their 1968. One woman was protesting while her brother was off in Vietnam. THese two women, took the time to recall, retell and show me about a slice of their life.


The other art project that i have done is the Tribeca Film Festival... I went back to TRibeca for year2. I was a volunteer taking tickets or handing out ballots..both at Kips Bay and 3rd and 11th Street.

I saw an afgani movie that was about orphans and the taliban ( sounds like a Dar Williams song, a movie from Palestine about the day laborers who build 5 star israeli hotels, called 9 Star Hotel. I saw Jerabek about a young man killed in Iraq. it was a documentary of his family's grief. I saw a Argentine coming of age comedy called
"on the road to St Deigo" and saw the wonderously lovely documentary
Pete Seeger, POwer of Song. I also caught the Audience Award winner...about an orphanage in Africa for Aids Orphans and the choir they created to continue to raise money and spirits...

Viva Tribeca

and ofcourse, i have seen Shrek 3....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

i was in Soho yesterday and stopped to see a ruckus at Prada on Prince and Mercer. A limo and about 10 people standing with cameras. Finally, exiting the shop was a petite blonde,sunglasses... Camera flashed and i heard..."OPEN THE DAMN DOOR, will You- OPEN THE DAMN DOOR"
one photographer called her a cockaroach- they live off cameras and celebrity and with the press they are nothing. The Roach in question was Christine Aguilera.

I then went on to the Morrison Hotel shop of photographs on Spring Street. Carrying a heavy book bag filled with papers and lecture notes and my two text books, plus my housekeys and Mp3 player, i asked if i could put it down near the desk, near the door. Two middle age men were in the small shop and i spoke to them and they left. The woman went downstair to attend to business and the man at the counter was on the phone. As i went back for my bag it was gone.

I looked around the street... no bag... no men...I called my neighbor who has extra keys and i called the police to file a report. No luck. I looked around and went to school to recreate my lecture notes and copy the articles. it all worked out fine
except i am going through


all together...

I still believe the bag will show up...NOT
i cant believe someone would steal it from this store or me
maybe if i pray my MP3 player will be returned
thought there is no address or ID on the bag or in the bag
i am pissed to have my property stolen
so it goes

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 7, 2007

Capricorn Horoscope for week of June 7, 2007

Verticle Oracle card Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
You've gotten a little addicted to habits that are rooted in fear and worry. I suggest we resort to exotic measures to pry you out of your rut. After you read the proposed actions below, compose four more of a similar nature, then go out and actually do at least half of them. (1) On an empty milk carton, paste a collage of cut-out images and phrases that symbolize your anxieties. Then put it on the floor and stomp it to death as you growl. (2) Slap your own hand briskly ten times as you bark, "Stop being such a wuss!" (3) Everywhere you go, visualize yourself being accompanied by three great warriors who're dedicated to your well-being. (4) Gaze at a picture of a person who makes you nervous and yell "I'm not afraid of you, you mysterious slime-sucking bastard."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Rev. David Kirk, 72, Crusader for New York City’s Disenfranchised, Dies

Rev. David Kirk, 72, Crusader for New York City’s Disenfranchised, Dies

Published: June 4, 2007

The Rev. David Kirk, an Eastern Orthodox priest who spent most of his adult life working with New York City’s disenfranchised, died on May 23 at Emmaus House, the communal residence for the homeless that he founded in Harlem more than 40 years ago. He was 72.

The Rev. David Kirk in 1982.

Father Kirk, who had been in declining health with kidney trouble and other ailments, died in his sleep, said his nephew Kirk Barrell. At Father Kirk’s request, he was buried near his longtime mentor, the Roman Catholic social reformer Dorothy Day, at Resurrection Cemetery in Staten Island.

Father Kirk, for decades a presence in the civil rights and antiwar movements, established Emmaus House in the mid-1960s on East 116th Street. It was conceived not as a shelter but as a community for the city’s homeless men and women and was modeled on the Emmaus movement, begun in France after World War II to aid the poor.

The Emmaus (pronounced ee-MAY-us) movement takes its name from the story in the book of Luke in which the resurrected Jesus appeared to two disciples on the road from Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus.

Not long after it began, Emmaus House moved to 160 West 120th Street. In the mid-1980s, it moved again, into the former Charles Hotel on Lexington Avenue at 124th Street. The building had long been known as a haven for drug dealers and prostitutes. As Emmaus House, it provided long-term housing to more than 70 people, and its community kitchen served 500 lunches a day.

It also offered a variety of programs, from teaching job skills like woodworking to providing social services for drug addicts and people with AIDS. Each resident was paid the same weekly stipend as Father Kirk: $25.

Since 2001, Emmaus House has been back at its former location on West 120th Street, which can house up to 15 people. With Father Kirk’s death, the fate of the house is uncertain, said Albert J. Raboteau, a member of its board.

A Mississippian by birth, a Baptist by upbringing and, by most accounts, a contrarian by temperament, Father Kirk was a Melkite Catholic for most of his life. Melkite Catholics practice the Eastern Rite but, because they recognize the Pope, are considered part of the Roman Catholic Church. In 2004, Father Kirk joined the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Father Kirk was born on March 12, 1935, in Louisville, Miss., about 120 miles northeast of Jackson. His father, Leo, worked a variety of trades — farmer, shipbuilder, machinist — and the family moved wherever his jobs took him, through Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama.

At age 12 and living in Mississippi, David (his given name was Davey, which he despised) befriended a black man named Clint who worked for his father, family members said. After Clint was accused of murdering his wife, David, believing in his friend’s innocence, brought food every day to the woods where Clint was hiding. Clint eventually escaped over the state line to Louisiana.

Later, as the editor of his high school paper in Mobile, Ala., David won permission to attend a local black high school for a month. He told the authorities he was researching an article about the education of black youth. What he really wanted to do, his family said, was to try to experience how the other half lived in the Jim Crow South. (He had asked to transfer to the school full-time, coming up with the cover story only after his request was denied.)

“I came out of that school shocked and radicalized,” Father Kirk said in an unpublished narrative of his life.

Entering the University of Alabama in 1953, Mr. Kirk was drawn to the work of a Roman Catholic campus chaplain who opposed segregation. That year, Mr. Kirk converted to Melkite Catholicism. In 1956, he was part of a group of students who helped protect Autherine Lucy, the first black student to attempt to enroll at Alabama. (She was suspended after three days because white mobs threatened violence, and she was expelled when the N.A.A.C.P. filed suit to have her reinstated.)

Mr. Kirk earned a bachelor’s degree in social science from the university in 1957 and a few years later moved to New York to work with Ms. Day at the Catholic Worker House on the Bowery. He earned a master’s degree in social thought from Columbia University in 1964 and was ordained as a Melkite priest that year.

After ordination, Father Kirk went back to Alabama and the civil rights movement. (He was jailed with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on at least one occasion.) Returning to New York, he planned to start a communal house for the homeless on the Lower East Side. Ms. Day, who died in 1980, told him to go instead to Harlem, where the need was greater, and Emmaus House was born.

Over the years, Emmaus House’s other work has included a traveling kitchen; Emmaus Inns, a collection of 60 apartments across the city; and a program to rescue women from crack houses.

Besides his nephew, Mr. Barrell, of The Woodlands, Tex.; Father Kirk is survived by two sisters, Mary Barrell of Metairie, La., and Barbara Pace of Bessemer, Ala.; and 13 other nieces and nephews.

In recent years, as Father Kirk’s kidneys began to fail, several homeless people volunteered to donate one of their own to him.

“I was honored, but I had to say no,” Father Kirk told The Daily News in 2002. “I just couldn’t take something they need so much.”

Sunday, June 03, 2007


In the past 6 months, i have found many many blessings that have come into my world. Besides getting a job that i love doing. I have had the chance to work with the most interesting participants. THey are energetic and committed and concerned and really want to work hard at getting it right. I have mastered the cirriculum and can work with the ideals that are set forth.

The winter brought a cold Patty griffin show down on the lower east side as a gift from my friend Nancy who won Artist Den Tickets. I spent most of the spring with Mary Chapin Carpenter shows and Dar Williams shows. I find that i dont have much left over after work for a whole lot. I dont even get to check my email let alone answer any mail.

I had been teaching two classes on satuday morning in soho. One at 9am -Social Policy 1. I loved teaching this class but it took a lot of time and effort. It was an american civilization and history course from a Social Service perspective. I think i have a renewed comphrensive understanding of American policy and laws. From revolution, through the civil war, and then the depression and the Social Security Act of 1945 and finally the War of Poverty of the 60s. The students were transfers or new admissions to Social work school. the desire to learn and the natural anxiety and development was astounding. These are some of the best students i have had at Adelphi.

My second class was Social work with children . Met some new students, others were some students that I taught the semester before in Social Work with the Individual. I find teaching in Manhattan that the same students take the required courses and end up with the same professors because there are so few of us that teach on saturday. these students taught me more than i have in the past.

Teaching two classes on saturday after working all week is exhausting but i am now teaching on wednesday night in summer... 10 weeks of Human Behavior and the Social Environment. I have never taught this class and havent really thought about it yet.
Its now coming on week two.. Adolescence and Adulthood and old age. Not really my expertise but it will be fine. I can master the basics and get through and teaching this summer will provide some extra $$$

The fall will bring another course... or the Social Work with Individual course again.

THe spring- Brought 7 Mary Chapin carpenter shows... as she toured her cd the Calling. I learned that I could drive and park on the street in Manhattan on most days and could get out of town to make it through NY to NJ so i could get to Princeton or Redbank or Wayne for Dar and John Gorka. Chapin was in illhealth. Her sore back was out and it was obvious that she was stiff and in pain...but she sang like an angel. Peekskill, Wilkes Barre and NYC... it was a great short tour and Dar is back once or twice a month....Seeing Dar is always a treat and still a treat.

Last week was the annual King Of Prussia show complete with Dar tom foolery...

Capricorn Horoscope for week of May 31, 2007

Capricorn Horoscope for week of May 31, 2007

Verticle Oracle card Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
"If you make people think they're thinking," said author Don Marquis, "they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you." My objective in this week's horoscope is to prove him wrong: I want you to love me for making you really think. In the hope of accomplishing this goal, I'm giving you the assignment of revising two of your long-standing opinions or theories about the way the world works. As you aggressively seek out the information that will help you change your mind, try to feel tender compassion for me, the wise guy who's asking you to undertake such an arduous and potentially rewarding task.