Sunday, June 28, 2009

Everywhere are people who need some help and dont want to get it.

I was coming home on Friday and a woman who clearly was inebriated, drunk or stoned on hardcore drugs was trying to find her way to Brooklyn. She announced to the train that she had to get to Dekalb Ave to get her kids. "They were going to take her kids"
I gave her directions and she was impaired. I kept talking and then told her it was not in her best interest to show up for her kids in that condition. She was concealing a beer and smelled of alcohol. I told her that I could smell the alcohol. She said that is why she had gum. I told her that it would not work. Her worker will see through it.
She carried one piece of bubble gum and while carrying an open beer, talked to me about the cops busting you for open cans. I helped her get to her train and wished her well. I explained to her about judges role and three years in foster care without her doing the things asked of her can result in termination of her rights. She didnt want to hear that from me, that wanted me to support her position.

Saturday i went to a show of a singer songwriter friend of mine. It was a benefit for her friends. So she was among mostly people she knew. 1/2 was through this show, a man entered and Announced " i am alexander". I didnt know if she knew him or not. She was polite and he became rather disruptive. I noticed her look towards the back and not make eye contact in his direction. The group moved to keep him quiet as he started talking to himself or whatever imaginary person that was there. Initially he had a friend with him. I moved closer to check it out. He was moving through a series of compulsive movements while talking. He carried a mirror and looked in the mirror. recited a series of numbers. His hair was uncut and he used ill fitting pieces to try to cover this large bald spot. The back of his hair was long past his shoulders, making him peculiar looking. I moved into the front row and as the show ended, I aleted my friend's husband about the man and that I suggested that he moved towards the front to get the artist back stage and safe. I would make sure the guy left and then she could leave safely. I used my assessment skills to try to judge the level of danger to my friend and determined that it was low but wanted a safety plan anyway.

Mental illness, drug and alcohol use take many forms.