Tuesday, November 03, 2009


i dreamed that my mentor Barbara was meeting with the ex fiscal director at St Josephs. I was running color copies of budgets on long paper. I was dawdling and taking my time. I was packing things and knew in the dream I was dawdling while they wait.

I have had a series of dreams that reflect inner feelings. I had a dream about a condo in florida were two acquaintances were having sex in a room where the door was open. I tried to avoid them. I was at a party where I overheard conversations that pertained to me. I said that I was going out for coffee to avoid the things that people were saying even though there may be some truth to what they were saying. I came back to find some of the issues remedied. It is something that I may not be able to do it myself but something that was done for me. I was kinda pissed, kinda relieved and asked how far I could go to restore what was mine. I wanted to go back to sleep so i dont start the day off with a truth telling dream.