Monday, January 11, 2010


i was looking at a conference brochure and decided that I would attend this conference. I was on the phone with my friend, mentor Barb telling her about going to the conference in franklin NJ. in the next scene Barb and I were shopping at a CVS, Rite AID Duane Reade, convenience store pharmacy while settling in her daughter Becky who recently graduated college and was getting her own apartment. My cart had muffins for me, Cookies for people at work, cleaning stuff and assorted toiletries. There was lots of internal noise in my head about buying the muffins, calories, really wanting or needing them, giving them away..

The people in the dream, barb and her daughter both commented about the muffins too. They were the type of upscale always watching everything they put in the mouth, and what everyone else does too.

We then went to Beckys new apartment. There were other twenty somethings across the street who were explaining how one person moved out and in the group across the street and that freed up the apartment for Becky. They were looser, more hippy in style and commented on how Becky even secured the windows so now one would move them or take them. It was a neighborhood that needed some work but was up and coming. it was what a first time apartment dweller would move into. Becky was more concerned about getting the curtains up to close off then to open herself to these people or to establish a relationship with them.

I woke up thinking the dream was about about transitions.