Friday, February 27, 2009


Some days good things outweigh the bad.... Wednesday was an interesting day. After stressing and missing the NYC Beacon Theater Leonard Cohen show, I tried for presale tickets to the Wang Center show. The tickets went on sale at 10am. I had lots of computer trouble at work. Explorer wouldnt let me in and Mozilla put up a fight. I called telecharge and the password was changed for that venue. All my tricks werent working, then suddenly, the page popped open and I was able to buy a box seat, orchestra rear.....Blessing 1

Then I had to go down and see about a disqualification notice on my civil service test. Though I had my paperwork, and they needed to me outline my social work and related credits for a two degrees in the field where the programs imply the credits, I needed to complete all forms. I was besides myself thinking what i needed to do and how to do it. The clerk got a copy of the test for me and explained it to me. Blessing 2 -(they generally arent that kind or go out of their way)

I remembered that there was a copy of my Salem State College transcript at Personnel so i went over there and i got in touch with the supervisor who outside of standard practice, made me a copy of my transcript and sent me on my way... Blessing 3

I then decided to go to the Doctor. Generally, there is a clinic style line, first come, first served..... i walked in at 505 and there were two people in front of me.
She saw me and handed me the prescriptions I needed... Blessing 4

I went to the Pharmacy and they said they were out of one item - and due to my schedule I couldnt get it until Saturday. I would have to wait an hour for the other. the Tech, checked again and found the first item and handed me the second. She gave me a partial on the first with more to be distributed after i complete the first 30. So i walked out with both ..or enough to get me started.... Blessing 5

Going the extra mile, providing customer service is something I do regularly even when the people around me refuse to do it....

It was a day that clearly the good, goodness in people outweighed the bad... really there were glitches.... not anything bad.... All was good.