Sunday, February 01, 2009


I dreamed that I went to go to a movie. There were some people from work there and I agreed to join them at the movie they were attending. I really went alone and when I found out that they were seeing a movie called Gravity. I had regret because I didnt want to see that movie. I had lots of shopping bags and had to collect my stuff to join them. I had to get a soda. Getting to the theater, I had to cross roads that looks familiar from dreams but I dont remember being at.

At the movies, I saw my old boss from afar, she approached me and looked well with a new haircut but thin. She hugged me and asked me to do something. I knew that this something would head off a string of events. She asked me to decertify two foster homes. By doing this, I would avert a string of events that could occur. She asked me to do this. In the dream, she also told me that it was not my fault. She vindicated that the agency closed due to factors other than the admissions department.