Sunday, May 17, 2009

leonard cohen

i missed the ticket sale for the Show at the Beacon because I was in Las Vegas so i was determined to see Leonard Cohen on this tour. I started with Boston because Fan Club tickets went on sale. I was able to get one ticket to each of the two nights. Then NYC went on sale. I got two tickets to the two shows at Radio City.
then I waited. I kept off craigslist or tickethubs to see the coming and going of extra tickets.

Yesterday, the day finally came. The weekend started with a John Prine show at the Beacon after finishing a long long training. I knew I would be tired and had to get up and teach two classes, my last two classes for the semester. I ended the class early and decided to go to OTB to place a bet on the Preakness. I learned how to bet a horse and made some wagers.

I went home to the grocery store and to do my wash.... Off to Radio City, being a fan club member, I gained early entrance to RCMH. I started at the merch table and got a LC tour shirt. I then realized that the Preakness was run and i had Rachel Alexandra on all of my tickets. I was able to exit the venue and gain reentry. I went to OTB and cashed in my tickets for my 36.00 winnings on my exacta tickets. I paid 36 and won 36.80.... i gained 80 cents.

Back to RCMH and then to my seat.... I saw Teddy Thompson enter the room and sit two rows down from me... Mid orchestra, center.....

The show started at 8pm sharp and suddenly, i was watching Leonard Cohen... Hearing those songs live for the first time in my life.... Leonard sang for hours... seeming to enjoy the night and his own poetry and the voices of his backup singers, the Webb sisters and Sharon Robinson. He seems to love this group of players in his band. His music calls for all sorts of instruments and sounds. B3 organ. LC dressed in a suit and signature fedora, is slim and has long hands. He played guitar and piano only for Tower of Song.

I was overwhelmed with music and sights and sounds. THese songs are so much more meaningful live. They took on a new life. There were times where the songs were stunning and sublime. The slight sounds amplified the music. Leonard looking spry and skipping to and from the stage, put on a show that should not be missed. The set list was essential Leonard Cohen. not one song that I wanted to hear was missing.

First set:
Dance Me To The End Of Love
The Future
Ain't No Cure For Love
Bird On The Wire
Everybody Knows
In My Secret Life
Who By Fire
Chelsea Hotel No. 2
Waiting For The Miracle
Anthem (plus Band intros)

Second set:
Tower Of Song
Sisters of Mercy
Take This Waltz
Boogie Street (Sharon Robinson voc)
I'm Your Man
A Thousand Kisses Deep (recited)

So Long, Marianne
First We Take Manhattan
Famous Blue Raincoat
If It Be Your Will (Webb Sisters voc)
Closing Time
I Tried To Leave You
Whither Thou Goest

I expected to get tired and have to say started to fade around Im your man and then If it be thy will..

Words cant describe seeing and hearing LC in person singing his own songs....

Back tonight for round 2