Friday, May 01, 2009

three dreams

I have been dreaming vividly at 2-4 am...

dream 1. Dar Williams asked me if i wanted to come to ireland to help her.

dream 2. It was a rainy day and i was up on the hill. I saw that i had a document that referenced president Obama and within minutes, i realized i had a valuable historic documents. I was in a camp like setting and had to get down the hill through a parking lot to a bank to secure the document. I could not tell anyone I had it as people would rush me for it. The press would want it and I had to secure it.

dream 3. I was on my way to miami to visit an acquaintance and decided en route to change my mind and not go. I called the person and she was disappointed but as I was on a train/shuttle i decided to go to Paris. i changed directions and then saw three characters, they said one in red was called "the little devil" she was a little person who was in red horns and pitchfork like a halloween costume. I also saw my aunt who recently died. her hair looked like Cruella deville, black and white and she had a young face and little minature body. She told me she was okay and well. ( she died in March of a heart failure). The third character was also an angel.