Sunday, September 27, 2009

poets house

I ran into a man who used to run the emergency program for ST Chris. He recognized me and reminded me that he ran into me 5 years ago in my neighborhood. He reminded me that we worked together 20 years ago. He is now a poet and teacher. Damn if i know his name

My pictures from the event were lost in my memory card. I lost over 200 Natalie Merchant photos.... Wouldnt she have loved to know that those are gone? pleasure with some empathy.

I spoke to Natalie and informed her that I was the woman who sent her the Nathalia Crane book of poetry that I found. She asked me if knew if it was a first edition, signed copy. I said I knew what I sent to her. I found it shortly after her Hiro show when she premiered the childrens' poetry music and thought it belonged to her, more meaning for her. We talked about Nathalia Crane. She thanked me again. I thanked her for the show and card she sent when she received it.