Wednesday, April 28, 2010



I had a Natalie Merchant dream that I don’t really remember.

I dreamed that there was a character festival and parade in the street, parade and street fair. I was trying to get through the crowd. I got through the crowd and to get out, I had to go through this stone tunnel with an arch. The sign above the tunnel warned that it was treacherous. I was skeptical and somewhat hesitant. To lure me down the tunnel, the monitors/operators put dollar bills at intervals. I questioned in my mind if the space was large enough for me to go through. I questioned if my back pack could get down the chute. I started down on my back and collected the dollar bills along the way. At the end of the tunnel, I thought that maybe going head first was a better option ( I turned it into a water slide, though it looked like an x-ray of the throat or arteries.) At the end of the tunnel, I saw many silver coins of all sizes, Half dollars, quarters and I took hands full and stuffed my pockets.

I then saw people at the street fair and had to pass them. I told them these fairs happen all the time and saw some characters like Winnie the Pooh- it was paper mache and blue. There were two homemade Winnie the Pooh head and many other home made costumes like the Easter parade.

In the next scene, I knew that I had some minor repairs down in my apartment. I saw one of my cousins who asked me about getting the handyman to do repairs. We were outside and there were small hills, he was going over the hills. I advised him that for minor repairs, things like changing lightbulbs, he was better off to do it himself. If it’s a major thing or may cause damage to the apartment, he can get to the super to do it.