Tuesday, April 20, 2010



It is not surprising that I had a Natalie Merchant dream as she has a new cd project out and I saw her two times last week. I am obsessed with learning about the poets that make up the project. She has set the poems of writers who have written for children primarily.

Other dreams that I have had in the last two weeks are more vivid and stranger. I wanted to keep a record of them or record them as they unfolded.

I dreamed that some of my work colleagues gave me a birthday present. I was excited that it was a jacket, military style like a Marine’s jacket, long with gold piping and tassels at the shoulders. It was Navy Blue and red. I saw two of my colleagues in the beginning part of the dream ( I don’t generally get on that well with one of them, and the second was her friend so when ices me when they are together.). two more colleagues were in the second part of the dream, where they gave me the jacket. I was surprised that they gave it to me and I thanked them for their thoughtfulness. When I looked at the coat, I realized it had no buttons. I first thought to reject the coat and then thought about how easy it would be to procur buttons and I thought about the gold buttons that I would put on the coat. I thanked them profusely for remembering me and giving me the coat.

I dreamed about the writing of a child’s book. Part Detective story, part Victorian. I saw the cover of the book and knew the lead character’s name was Hunter. I knew that there were many possibilities and knew I had to get my nieces involved in story writing and illustration. There were young adult books, part Nancy Drew, part Twilight

I dreamed of the Flying Burrito Brothers. They were in a old time mining town in the west. There was a velvet curtain and I saw a huge Elephant Trunk come from behind the curtain. In the next scene the Flying Burrito Brothers were in this saloon and they were naked with their penises exposed. They were not conscious of their nakedness, they took off their guitars and sat down at a table to count the money that they had been paid. It was off putting that they were counting their money and smoking cigars in front of the audience members. In the dream there were crushed peanuts and popcorn on the floor and it was a circus like atmosphere.

The final dream was that I was at work and my phone rang and it was my supervisor Lance. He told me that I have been laid off. Later in the dream, I went over to talk to him and I confronted him on his behavior of not being able to see me face to face. I told him that he could see me in a private room or talk to me face to face about being laid off. I didn’t appreciate that he did it by phone. I was sitting in his office, getting more mad at him. I then saw some people that I worked with at St Josephs. One person was the head of the nursing department and the other was a Director of Preventative Services, Independent Living and then Kinship care. I was sorting through things and packing up toys, putting them in plastic garbage bags. I was giving things away with purpose.