Monday, December 08, 2008

December 1980

I remember being in Salem Massachusetts. Each afternoon we would get news from Newport and the Claus Von Bulow trial. Every day we learned what tie Claus wore and what he ate the deli. We heard testimony after testimony until the hero, the housekeeper, a small old lady of European decent and accent who spilled the beans, she saw a shadow of a person. A shadow hovering over the body of Sunny Von Bulow, who received an overdose of insulin. We cheered.

Earlier in my college career, I came home from school and found my roommates stoned on the couch eating cereal and waiting for the wedding of Princess Diana to Prince Charles. All London and England was lit up and it was early US time. Grace and Mary chose to get stoned most of the year and didnt pass but I went to swimming class and Basic Math and worked on Winter Island to pay my rent. I made it through the year and the wedding of Princess Diana

Lastly, I was in salem when i learned that John Lennon was shot on December 8 1980. I was a sophmore in college, living in own apartment with friends and I remember picking up the Globe and reading the news again and again. John Lennon was a hero and still is. Since his death, I have come to see the artist, activist and father who was John Lennon. John spoke truth to power and took stands even when he did so accidently ( beatles more famous than jesus) or by taking on Nixon. I never saw John Lennon live but i treasure his work almost everyday.