Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January 14th

For the first time in 9 years, I am going away to celebrate my birthday. This year I chose Las Vegas. This trip came together with a cheap hotel room at Harrah's and cheap flight. The reason to see Bette Midler at Ceasar's for January 14th. The room and flights are booked. Tickets to Bette are procurred. I am tinkering with Love, Cirque Du Soleil 's Beatles because O the biggest show on the Strip is costly. I am thinking of filling the first night with either another Bette show or Tom Jones, Donnie and Marie...I think ill pass on them or some special cheaper show. Rita Rudner is at Harrahs. This trip planning is going smoothly and i still have to book car service to get me to and from JFK.

I have to pack, go to weight watcher and move my car and flight out. I return on Friday the 16th and then have a long weekend in NY to finish celebrating. School is out until January 26th.....

I will be 49 this year in Las vegas.