Sunday, December 07, 2008


I ran into Eric from my Weight Watchers meeting on the street last Wednesday night. He was going for Red Mango and I was leaving after using the bathroom before I went home on the F train

I finally upgraded one of my TVs to HDTV, I got a great deal on the day after Thanksgiving. I have mixed feelings about not needing the TV as my two old TVs still work. I know that my 20 year old bedroom TV is old and I dumped it and moved my larger one in the bedroom. I was able to change my cable box for a DVR (finally) and then when i was hooking up the bedroom cable box, I couldnt get it to work. I have a signal and power but the box is dead. Cablevision has to come out to look at it. So i am off from work tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight I am seeing the John Lennon Tribute at City Center. Its cold and I am thinking that I would do errands before. It is also Bank of American free museum day so maybe Ill go to the American History Museum.

Tuesday night I am see Equus with Daniel Ratcliff and Richard Griffiths on Broaday. Next Saturday has finals being due, Gene and Isabel's house concert. Sunday is the Maggie Dixon Fundraiser Basketball Tournament at MSG and Monday night is Neil Young. These things should keep me busy for a while. I will be off from work on December 19th and plan to got Philly to see World Cafe Live at Lunch with Mary Chapin Carpenter.

I have so much to do before the holiday season and seems like I have to carve in the time to do it. Missing the holiday party at work on 12/19 is helpful. I have a party on December 22nd and thats about it, except for random food stuffs that are around.
we are having lunch as a unit next week and I can get a salad or food that fits my eating.

I also have to stick to my exercise and food regime.