Sunday, January 04, 2009


I have had this dream before. I dreamed of my cat whoopi. There was a cat that looked like her only fatter and meaner. the second cat was a male with sharp nails. Whoopi in the dream was healthy and hearty. There was a redish tabby in the dream as well. The mean fatter male cat kept trying to get at Whoopi. Each time that I throw him out of the house, he tried to get to her. I protect her in the dream. Initially, she is not scared and stays still. After a few attacks on her, she runs to hide. I am successful at distinguishing them apart though it is difficult initially. I am able to protect my cat from the evil look alike cat.

Maybe, about my vet and the process to avenge her death.

Finally, the credit card company granted me full refund, after many phone calls and paperwork documentation back and forth. They have contact the merch and he knows that I have a full refund. He has 45 days to fight it.

I dont have my cat's ashes though they called me to pick up the ashes. I cant believe that it is my cat or that the private cremation occurred so I am not going to get the ashes. He may still want his money. So i have no closure except that I won the Credit card dispute.
it doesnt make losing my cat any easier.