Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Day 2009

I came home last night and prepared for New Years Eve and realized quickly that I was running a fever and had the Chills. After some soup, there was no reason to go out so I went to bed. Its the kind of flu where your hair hurts. I slept in most of the night which was more than recent months of waking every two hours. Its been months since I have slept through the night. So New Years Eve was spent in restful sleep.

New Years 2009 started out with a killer case of the flu. First, I was bummed that I started the Year sick. Its bitter cold in NY and besides the movies or mall where you run in and out of the car, there is no where I wanted to go. I was virtually incapable of going anywhere, except back to bed.

I slept on and off and rested all day. Its been years since I have laid in bed all day. Only with the flu and this one is a killer. I got up for some food and bathroom breaks and more Ice Tea.

Starting the year taking care of myself, getting enough rest and just doing nothing is a good way to start a new year.

2008 taught me that "things really do work out". there were many instances where i worried or became concerned and they just worked out. Things really do just work out.

For 2009, I really want things to be Simple. I dont want to overcomplicate them, I will break them down to the simplest denominator and just will keep things simple.
Things need not be that complicated, they really do just work out. WHen things get too complex, Simple will be my code to reason and live by.

Maybe finally, I will lose those 12 lbs that have been harboring over me for two years.