Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 women and one man

Everyday, there are the same 4 women, all ages, all races waiting for the train. We exchange pleaantries. We know little of each other lives. We share things in the moment. A wedding in Canada, a training that effects the time of day once must leave or the reason for absences. No real details. the etiquette is that pleasantries are exchanges. Notice of the pending train or missing a train. A new route.

the train pulls in... each of us look for a seat. each of us is entitled to the seat. One reads the Daily News, One reads the Times, one reads a book and one sleeps. first one to seat sits. There is no giving up a seat for another. There is only acknowledgement. if one offers, the others refuse.

Except for the one man. he comes to the station and the competition starts. he never gives a up a seat but rather will knock someone down for a seat. he reads his Sony reader or Kindle and goes the least distance. the man should not have to give up his seat but he is pushy and aggressive. he does not belong with the group of women. They purposely out race him to a seat. he makes mornings tense. He is on vacation right now