Tuesday, August 25, 2009

people I meet

I talk to some of the most interesting people. I have met a Korean woman whose parents came here by way of Japan and asked the Korean consulate to change their passports to reflect their nationality and therefore they avoided being interred during the 1940.

I met a disabled woman who needs surgery at Joint Diseases, though i think she was on methodone, I was amazed at how she maneuvered the world in with such difficulty walking.

I met a young man who scoffed at his teacher father who only makes 65000 a year because his sister married a construction company owner and he got a 6 figure job doing nothing. His brother in law's company fireproofs building such as Yankee Stadium and Hotels and skyscrapers. He was full of himself and kept talking about helicopters taking him to Montauk etc. He really could not believe his life.

I met a woman who is responsible for the accounting books of a major advertising company. She had just finished her monthly audit and aced it. Her company has accounts in the billions, Johnson and Johnson, Burger King and TJ MAXX for some.

I met a man who was raised in a Jewish Orphanage. He and his brother had only each other and went to college. When he was flunking out, he realized that he had to depend on himself. He became an attorney his brother a doctor.

I met a man who was raised in foster care. He and his brother both were in prison. I met him when he was just out of jail. He was very proud to be from brooklyn and proud of the Dodgers.