Saturday, August 22, 2009


I dreamed that Suzanne Vega was using my apartment. It was not MY apartment but an apartment on the Upper West Side. She cleaned it out and I saw stacks of newspapers that I was okay with her getting rid of. I saw antique furniture and wondered if there was too much furniture. I was okay with eliminating some chairs.
There was a bed and someone was sleeping.

There was a core group of people. Two men, Me and Suzanne. We sat down to meal but didn't eat. The rooms were off the kitchen and it became a clinic. Some were there to see the Doctor, some to see the dentist. The dentist was a woman like an assistant. She looked like an old weather worn latina from Mexico or South America, Peru, Ecuador. etc.

My lower molar caps started to fall out. First one, then two, then three.. I asked her if she could glue them in. In the dream i questioned if she had the right glue. I remember laughing that superglue would do.

This dream is a composite of many conversations and TV shows that I watched this week. I really had a cap fall out and went to the dentist. I had a conversation on Wed about caps coming out with a woman at weight watchers. I have been working on getting rid of things i dont need and I watched a TV show about Hoarders who could not get rid of things and clear things out.