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The third show at Giants Stadium on Saturday night was a very good show and a fun show.
A lot of highlights including maybe the most memorable feat Bruce has ever done in a crowd, bodysurfing what had to be at least 30 yards from the back of the General Admission pit to the stage. People will be talking about it for years. A Hall of Fame moment.
Hearing "Born In The U.S.A." played in its entirety was pretty cool and for the most part made for a fun evening for the third show of the five-night stand.

Show began at 8:23 p.m.
Band came on stage starting with Nils and Roy. Bruce and Clarence entered from Clarence's side of the stage. Bruce walked Clarence over to his spot and Clarence gave Bruce a little kiss.
"Good evening New Jersey. You came out to help us shut the old lady down. Are you ready for the wrecking ball?"

1. Wrecking Ball
A good opener. Curt Ramm's trumpet playing really stands out. The lyrics were on the big screen one line at a time. On Wednesday the lyrics were off a bit at times and shown a few lines at a time, on Friday there were no lyrics and tonight they finally got it right.
"Bring it on!" Bruce yelled at the end.

2. Out In The Street
I always like hearing this song. Has a lot of energy. Bruce spotted a little girl (8-year-old Sammie from Philadelphia who has sang with him before) at the center extension and brought her onstage to sing with him. She was very good and Bruce was in a playful mood from the start.
The stadium was up and rocking.

3 . Outlaw Pete
Not sure what to say on this. One of only two songs that Bruce still plays from the Working on a Dream album. Been in this early spot in the setlist rotation for the entire tour. Does seem to work well in a stadium. Once again Western scenes were shown on the big screen.

4. Hungry Heart
Forget the song, what Bruce did in the middle of it is one for the ages. A legendary tale that people will be tellling their friends, "I was at Giants Stadium the night Bruce body surfed the crowd for 30 yards."
For the first two Giants Stadium shows, Bruce has been coming down from the stage and going around the huge general admission standing pit in front of the stage.
He starts out doing the same thing tonight, but when he gets to the center back of the pit, he decides he wants to body surf to the stage. It has to be 30 yards. "Can you get me back to the stage?" Bruce asks as he falls into the crowd.
The trust he has with his audience is amazing.
He hopped up and told the people to send him to the stage. I was in the center of the pit and one of the people who Bruce came right over top of. It was very cool knowing he was headed right toward us and we got our hands up and pretty soon he was right there. I held up his boot, leg and back as he came across. Many female fans in the audience were bragging they had their hands on his butt.
It all worked well and Bruce made a nice soft landing on the stage. He had two security guards who were trying to stay behind him and they had a look on their faces like "what he is doing?"
When it was over, the two guards headed back out right by me, both with smiles and just shaking their heads.
This will be one of those stories that will be talked about over and over in the history of Bruce Springsteen.

5. Working On A Dream
The only other song Bruce has been playing from the new album. "We're just getting started!" Bruce said.

Before starting the full Born In the U.S.A. album, he said how he wanted to make these Giants Stadium shows special. "First night we played all of Born to run. Second night was Darkness and tonight, this is Born In the U.S.A.

6. Born In The U.S.A.
I loved when this was the opener on this tour in 1984 and 1985. Very powerful and a classic that seems to have been lost for the most part over the past tours.
The line: "I'm ten years burning down the road" was changed to "40 years."
Tne entire stadium was up rocking to this.

7. Cover Me
Great guitar solos by Nils. Another song that has been mostly forgotton on past tours, although it has been played a few times on this tour.

8. Darlington County
"Let's go on a road trip!" Bruce said. He had the crowd sing the first verse.
Bruce came to the side extension of Clarence's side and a woman did a flash for the cameras. Yes, it was on the big screens.
Bruce and Nils sang together on the front-center stage.
Always fun.

9. Working On The Highway
As he has done in the past on this tour, they put a microphone on the front-center extension and Bruce sang from there. Soozie had a nice violin solo. There was a young woman who came onstage to play the tambourine next to Soozie on this song. Not sure who is was, maybe Garry Tallent's daughter?

10. Downbound Train
Another great song that isn't played enough anymore. I believe it was only played one other time this tour. Very nice to hear.

11. I'm On Fire
They brought a chair out to the center extension and Bruce sang the song from there. He reached out to touch several fans.

12. No Surrender
Kind of weird seeing this in the midset. Always gets the crowd going.

13. Bobby Jean
Oh well, guess he had to play it of course. Not a favorite of many fans. The crowd in the pit did sway their arms back and forth.

14. I'm Goin' Down
Been played a few times this tour. Very nice to hear it in this spot. Another fun song from this album.

15. Glory Days
Really strange to hear this midset although that's where it was in the setlist during the Born In the U.S.A. tour.
Had the entire stadium up. Not sure if it had the impact of where it's usually played in the encore, but again, it was fun.
Bruce was going "Wooooooooh!" and throwing his arms up in the air several times toward the end of the song.

16. Dancing In The Dark
Same comment as Glory Days. Very weird to see midset although it was played that way in 1984 and 1985.
Bruce brought up his favorite dance partner, Hannah from New York City who was celebrating her 13th birthday. She was wearing an orange Syracuse sweat jacket. She is great. This is the second or third time I've seen her dance with Bruce and it's always a treat.
She has great moves and she and Bruce have great chemistry.
Hannah had a sign that said "13th birthday dance?" as she was celebrating her special day.
"She's got the moves!" Bruce yelled out when she finished dancing with him.

17. My Hometown
I always remember when listening to this album, and all the fun, upbeat songs, how My Hometown sort of all brought it right back to our own little Main Street.
It hasn't been played too often the past couple of tours so it was nice to hear.
Bruce worked the crowd at the end, having them sing along on the "Your Hometown" part. it got louder and louder.

As he did the past two shows, Bruce brought Steve, Max, Garry, Roy and Clarence to the front center stage.
"These are the guys who made the record! And Phanthom Dan Federici," Bruce said.
This was a very touching moment at all three shows.

"That was so much better than I thought it would be," a friend said to me after the Born In The U.S.A. songs. I agree, it was pretty special.

18. The Promised Land
An audible. Waiting on A Sunny Day was on the hand-written setlist in this spot. Most fans were happy we didn't get "Waiting" here. The big screens were showing clouds and a green field.

19. Last To Die
A tour premiere. One of the anchors from the Magic Tour. Good to hear again. Curt Ramm came out to play the trumpet but I couldn't hear it in the mix.

20. Long Walk Home
Second straight show it's been played. Works well with Last to Die. And most importantly, we didn't get Lonesome Day!!!

21. The Rising

22. Born To Run
Stadium lights go on. And place goes nuts.

Bruce collects request signs to the Raise Your Hand instrumental.

23. Jersey Girl (sign request)
Bruce held up three different signs and they all read "Jersey Girl."
Is there anything better than hearing Bruce play this at a New Jersey show? Charlie Giordano played the accordian.
He always starts to laugh at the "Wer're going to take that little brat of yours and drop her off at your Mom's."
"We have any Jersey girls oyut there?" Bruce asked toward the end.

24. Kitty's Back (sign request)
Curt Ramm back out on trumpet, which is a very nice addition to this. He had a solo as did Roy and Bruce did some great guitar work.
When Bruce sang "Who'se that coming down the alley," he added, "I mean way in the back!" several times and pointed up to the fans in the upper deck, way up opposite the stage. They even showed them on the big screens.
Was on the setlist Friday night but not played. It's another one that goes in the fun category.

25. Detroit Medley
"Are you ready?" Bruce asked before starting it. Curt played trumpet on this also.

May I say this was another "fun song?"
Very good way to start off the encores with these three songs.

26. American Land
Jeremy Chatsky from the Sessions Band came on stage to play the stand-up bass.
For the second straight night, Bruce mentioned "The Big Man author." And they showed Clarence's new book on the big screen. Bruce gave Clarence a pen and stood there as Clarence autographed the book for him. They showed Bruce on the big screen waiting with anticipation as any fan would when someone is signing something for you. Clarence handed Bruce the book and Bruce was very pleased.
"Coming to a Borders near you" Bruce said.
Once again fireworks were set off on "The E Street Band!" part.

27. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
Well we were able to not have Lonesome Day not played and we thought we might night get this one. But Bruce played it in this spot. He had a little girl since with him as usual. She had a sign that read: "Give the Girl A Kiss" and Bruce gave her a kiss when she was done singning and posed for a photo with her.

"You've been a fabulous audience," Bruce said. "The first three nights were just fantastic.
"This is our home. So great to come here and thank you for supporting our music all these years."

28. Thunder Road
Nice song to close the show.
"Thank you Jersey. We love you!" Bruce said as they left the stage.

Over at 11:17 p.m. for a 2:54 show.

Handwritten setlist was pretty much followed, except Waiting on A Sunny Day was in the slot after "My Hometown." Also the Detroit Medley wa listed as Devil/Rosy.

Badlands was not played for the first time this tour and for the first time (outside of a 2007 Asbury Park rehearsal show) in years at an E Street Band show.

Good show, fun show but I would stop short of calling it a great show. It will go down in history of course for the full Born In the U.S.A. album and the incredible body surfing by Bruce.

Patti Scialfa was not at the show despite Bruce saying she would be there on Friday (she wasn't) and he said on Friday she would be there on Saturday.
Max Weinberg played the entire show on the drums.

Soundchecked were Downbound Train. My Hometown and Wrecking Ball.
Afterward, I asked several friends who attended all three Giants Stadium shows how they would rank them.

The general consensus was Night 2, Night 1 and Night 3, in that order. With all nights being very good and no one show really standing way out among the three.