Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dream 10-22-09

I was travelling with two women. They appeared to be the women from the training team that I will we working on. They are both African Americans. We entered this rural tropical bar/restaurants like the ones in the South Pacific depicted in Movies. Like in a tiki hut. There was a bartender who was addressing people as they were coming in. My travelling companions took a place at the bar. They were waiting for a tour to start. In came an African woman who sat at the bar. Her name was on the chalk board behind the bartender and he reminded her that has been there previously. In the dream, I knew that the hash marks were a count of the illegal abortions that the woman had. He was a conduit to illegal abortions. He monitored the women and set them up as they entered the establishment. I was in the backroom with a white man and we were working on cleaning up a toilet bowl. We were using bleach. He was pouring and I was using a toilet brush. We were talking back and forth.

I returned to the bar area to find my colleagues were waiting for me while I was killing time waiting for them. There was a miscommunication or error in the communication. Between us. Sometimes in the dream, they were other people as well but there were two women whom I had a misunderstanding of communication with.