Sunday, October 25, 2009


i was in a automotive store or the automotive section of a department store like K mart. I was asking for a cap to cover fuel tank or place on the car where the liquids go. There were three different ones on the car. Two clerks were helping me and they were trying to find the one I needed. they brought me winter coats but I needed gas caps. I tried to tell them I needed caps. I knew I was away from home and travelling on the road.

This is the second dream that my friend Dar was around the dream. I may have been travelling with her but in my own car. My last dream about travelling had Dar in the aspect of this one. I knew she was around the dream but not in the dream. I am not sure if her son was around this one. Something makes me think Stephan was around this dream or that I met up with her and stephen in a park area where there a festival or carnival and he was there. It was a like a circus of sorts. We were overwhelmed with colors and with things to look at.