Sunday, December 06, 2009


I dreamed I was on this farm. There was Bryn and Dar and a some drummer. the Drummer was fat and looked liked the Eastern Europeans who I see at Brighton Beach in their Speedos with their hard large stomachs. He looked pregnant. Later in the scene, the band was playing and he was standing against the wall. I looked at him and his penis was exposed. I looked at him in disgust and told him to put his penis away.

The next scene, I saw metal stalls painted beige, like at the theater or an old school The stalls were all of different sizes. They were metal walls. The one I saw was long. I could only see the legs of a latency age child covered in toilet paper. I knew it was a young asian girl. I saw the same Eastern European Man totally naked, but now wiping his penis off with toilet paper. I confronted him ( in the dream my anger started to boil, and I kept waking up and going back into the same dream)

I asked the man who was naked and wiping off his penis, if he touched that young girl. He was very defensive and sheepish and tried to reassure me that he had not. I confronted him and asked him if he just masterbated to her. The people I was with wanted to let him go. I was emphatic that the police needed to be called. I saw the outside of the farm and the scenery.

I then got very angry at myself for not picking up on the signals that the man who had earlier had exposed himself was a sex offender. I was waving a towel and kept saying "I should have known, with all that I know about this work, I should have known" " I should have been able to prevent this"

I woke up...

some of this dream has to do with a situation where a woman at work exploited a situation and I ended up being dupped but should have been able to anticipate that she was that manipulative and I should have been able to prevent it. but didnt...