Sunday, December 27, 2009


i dreamed about acquiring a new cat. I was holding a new 6 month of little grey tabby. It was a composite of a tabby but resembled my cat in color and spirit. I stated three or four reasons why I didnt want a new cat, travel, space etc. How i didnt want a new cat. The cat was in my arms and when i put it down, it curled up on the carpet and fell asleep, totally at home.

dreamed I was in Las Vegas, I was with my parents, they were leaving and I was staying but had to change hotels. I tried to check into the next hotel and there were brunette receptionists, one wore a hat that said Probable Allowance. There were some discussion and issues about taking a shower. I offered my hotel room in the other hotel but the offer was politely refused. I was wondering about the cost of the hotel that I had to move into and why I had to move hotels and not just stay. I believe it had to do with rate of hotel. I was curious but didnt ask. In the next scene of the dream, and I started to check into the second hotel but had to check out of the first hotel .
I wanted to continue the dream and fell back to sleep. Again, I saw the hat Probable Allowance.