Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Ryan is a 5 year old who melts down every morning. He seeks attention by kicking his mom and playing with things, and picking on his sister. He tantrums and will fall on the floor. His mother has to talk him down every morning. I have watched his all year and she continues to talk to him as they walk on the platform. Ryan was melted yesterday. He hit his mom and his sister who then sees that Ryan gets negative attention and acts like him. Mom coddles Ryans and hold him close to her. She doesnt do that to his sister.

I noticed Ryan left his backpack on the train. I took it and looked inside to find his care bears that I have seen him play with on the train, his hand sanitizer that I have seen him use liberally or waste and his spiderman stuff that he plays with on the train. His pack also had his library book and his homework. The class was listed but not the school. I called three schools in Chinatown because Ryan and his mom get off at Canal Street. By the third school, I located him and asked the school to call his mom and tell her that I had retrieved his back pack.

Mom called and arranged to pick it up at the guard desk where I work. She did not ask for me, just came by bus to pick it up. She told me, he was upset that he lost his pack when they got off the train ( that must not have made her morning easier).

Ryan got his pack back and even though he interrupts my morning on the train, interrupts my reading of the paper, I am now forever tied to Ryan and his meltdowns. THey dont know me and I decided that I would not introduce myself, just let them have their mornings on the train and I will watch Ryan with a watchful eye so that he doesnt leave his pack on the train again