Thursday, November 06, 2008

my cat and the flu

I have had the flu or crud as i call it, it may actually be a cold, maybe sleeping with a fan on in 40 degrees weather caused the cold. But today, I am finally feeling better. Walking to work i remembered that when i was sick, my cat would not leave my side.
I remember the worst case of flu that I have had short of food poisoning. I was supposed to go to a private Bday party in Philly where Susan Werner was playing and when i left queens I was so sick that I could barely drive home. I got into bed and slept for 12 hours and barely got up except to use the bathroom ( for a variety of reasons) I was stoned cold out of it. It took another 12 hours to feed my cat. During that illness and all others, she would curl up with me and sleep with me, check on me and stay by my side. Being sick made me miss her all over again.

I still listen for her when i open my door. My exterminator looked for her when he came. He saw no litter, no bowl and no cat. He asked for his friend and I told him that Whoopi was put down.

I called to see if her ashes were ready to be picked up and she has not been delivered to the vet yet.

There are moments that I miss her and then on Sunday, I put tuna fish on my salad. I havent been able to eat tuna at home since Whoopi was 2 or 3. She loved it and it was too rich for her stomach and she would have bloody stools so her vet and I decided to keep her off it. So i never ate tuna at home due to respect for her and I didnt want to fight her over the tuna. I now put tuna on my salad liberally. During her last days, I would give her fish or yogurt or ice cream but not tuna. never tuna.

i dont miss her hot body or spiny feeling fur.