Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend 2 - Missing Kitty

I decided to call my vet for my Kitty remains. It seems that 6 weeks is too long to wait for the remains. Until they call the Cemetary, My cat's remains are lost. At the vets they started to check with the other hospitals and started to try to track down the remains. I began calling on November 9th and was told it was too early. I am amazed no one checked up on the order. I was besides my self all week. All the grief has resurfaced and I am furious. I doubt I will get the remains of my cat. I fear this place will backpedal and give me some remains. I have lost faith and trust in my vet and this company. I asked to speak to the vet and he and talked about the possibilities of her not having a private cremation but rather a group cremation accidently and he complained that after 12 years of school he should not be dealing with cat remains. Something has gone terribly wrong. Possibly, her remains were mishandled or sent to another place or lost in the process.

I was upset but had to go into manhattan so i came home and went to bed. I guess was crying in my sleep because I woke up with swollen eyes. I called the vet again on Sunday after checking the cemetary website and asked to go out there. I called the vet and the tech was too busy to talk to me. Sbe explained that she was the only one there and knew i was upset but couldnt talk to me then. I called my credit card and put the payment in dispute. I cant trust that the remains I get will be my cat. I cannot accept any remains from the vet. I called regency myself sunday and will get a call today.

Thanksgiving has opened wounds of grief because we planned a funeral with the family and also Whoopi used to travel with me to Massachusetts. She made the trip on Labor Day and was deteriorating and July 4th where she was stronger. Labor Day was a hard trip, she lost bowel and bladder control in the car near hartford and her legs were getting weak.

Both the holiday and the thought of my cats remains being lost has shot me emotionally for the rest of the weekend. I should hear more today but the cat remains. I dont believe I will get what I paid for and will not retrieve them. I paid for a private cremation and now believe that I will get some other random remains or I will be told these are my cat's remains. There has been a breach of trust between the vet and I and possibly breach of contract.

THe day that I brought Whoopi in over a year ago when Suzi was with me. THere was a guy a substitute vet, When i went back to see Dr Bregman on Whoopi's final day, no one seemed to know who that Substitute vet was. I had never seen him in 18 years and no one seemed to know who he was or where he worked. I found that odd.

Right now everything is odd about my cat, including her remains being missing.