Wednesday, May 31, 2006

memorial day weekend 2006

my weekend started on thursday because i left for massachusetts. I was ready to leave NY. its been about 2 months that i havent been working. I have enjoyed the time but have tried to be sparse with money because i dont know how long i will out of work, so there are so many things i would want to do with free time at great cost but i am more practical and conservative than spending needlessly or without consideration to my future. My routine has gotten a little dull and i needed a break. I wasnt a break from sleeping later and later (the tylenol pm dont help) and wanted a change of scene

so i packed me and the kitty and we went to my parents house. I got a chance to talk to both of my parents separately and together about my current situation. Both were emphathic and understanding and supportive. on thursday we went to dinner. Friday my brother and parents and i went to Lincoln Downs to the casino. My mom gave me money to use and i saved some of her money and recaptured some of the money i lost. So i spent about 40 dollars all day. I couldnt shop at the outlets or at the Big Box stores because
1. i dont need anything
2. i didnt want to incur any more expenses.

on saturday, we had my neices birthday party. it was fun. i took the kids for a walk and hiked up the "killer Hill". my niece heather is recently diagnosed with asthma and doesnt admit that she needs to rest or cant keep up. Her mom drove down and brought her water and their cell and she was embarrassed that she got special treatment. I got to talk to them and share stories. Paige's seem to center around Boys and Heather is worried about doing so well in school. She struggles with Paige scoffing because she does better in the 6th grade than paige did. Katie is the nice kid who called heather grumpy. Heather is concerned about what the impact of missing 3 weeks of school due to her hospitalization will be on her nomination to the honor society.
we celebrated with cake and pizza. i ordered salmon, veggies and baked potato

sunday my parents and i went to breakfast with the neighbors and then we went to bellingham to see the Davinci's code. the movie was interesting and novel and we spent hours talking about that and secret societies for hours. My father has been a mason all of his life and is a shriner and he talked more about the masons. I found the movie unique and well crafted. i really like the direction and acting. it was well worth the money and over two hours.

monday, i drove back to NYC to do my wash and go to the grocery store. I know that i can hang out at night but find that i want to maintain a weeknight routine. I am in early and in bed by 1030pm

i have been sleeping with the tylenol and up a few times with hot flashes. i am feeling the effects of not sleeping through the night. its been a few nights in a row.

i came back and wanted to get to the post office with my cobra check and go to the bank and get a cheap pedicure so i did that yesterday.

i still havent heard from ACS but i have an interview friday at 10am. i wanted to call about my 401K and wanted to call adelphi. so i did all of the above and more.
I cooked and walked and today, ill walk and go to weight watchers

tomorrow night i have tickets for Tbone Burnett at town hall, i got from FUV and the summer season starts at river to river and prospect park.

i have alot of stuff lined up in June and will be pretty busy, hopefully, ill be working too