Wednesday, May 24, 2006

world trade 7

went down to the dedication of WTC 7 today, not to see silverstein
dedicate the building but rather to see the 7 at 7 which turned out to
be 8 or 9 artists preforming 1-2 songs, and in some instances 3 songs
they were ronan tynan who didnt get in the count for some reason,
ollabelle, lou reed, pharoahs daughter ( a mideastern type group),
citizen cope, suzanne vega, brazilian girls and ben ware vibes.

before the show and during the speechs, i ran into mike viseglia who
is the bass player for both Suzanne Vega and Dar Williams's band. Mike
has played with Suzanne since 1985. he and i chatted and he directed
me to his website because he has a two person project with Fiora
McBain from Ollabelle....

ronan tynan sang to some tape of an orchestra. he had a huge ring of NY in diamonds. the NYY was the symbol for the yankees. i am sure that this ring or bling was a gift from the Yankee organization or a world series type ring. the Bling was distracting from his performance. Lou Reed sang perfect day and then sang Sweet Jane with all sorts of commentary in the middle. he commented about real estate mogels in NY -hey lou YOU were playing for silverstein. he also commented on McCains New SChool speech where he addressed the audience like they were 6 graders, touting Liberty and how insulted NYers should be with him spewing his liberty stuff in NYC.

ollabelle sang "study war no more" and some other song ... Pharaoh's daughter who i had seen at the joni tribute was good.. then Citizen Cope who did three numbers.
and suzanne vega

suzanne started with Luka and then sang a new song bout NY as a woman. it was sung observing the suburban husbands who find themselves in midtown hotels on business for the weekend the their affairs with the NYC that they imagine. the chorus is how NY as woman will leave them and not say goodbye and be with them for the night and forget them. its a great song and then she led the crowd in Toms Diner.

i left after that