Thursday, July 06, 2006

before the long 4th of july weekend

i got a call from the Director of the ACS Training Academy to talk to me about my application. Though she was pleased that i applied, she explained that she was restrained by civil service restrictions and offered me a salary that was lower than the top of the range. After some futile negotiation of cash and other perks, the choice was to pursue my application or withdraw it. I asked her to submit my application. She explained the process could be 3-6 months depending on how expeditiously Office of Management and Budget processes my application.
that information shines a light on the next few months... it also means that my decision to teach on saturday would not interfere with the position i am accepting. I believe that she has earmarked me for Queens. She aslo reminded me that once i am in the City employment, i can move around and search other employment. After 1-2 of training and learning the system, my background is appropriate to apply for supervisor.
i explained that i consider this starting at a different end of my career so i asked her to submit my application.

it will be nice to work, to work and not be responsible for anyone but me.... for a while..

i am thinking of other ways to make money and work on the side.... i can leave Queens at 5 and make it to a 6pm class or teach an 8pm to 10 class...

so that was my work update