Thursday, July 06, 2006

friday - arrival and helping mom and dad

i left for massachusetts for the long 4th of july weekend and arrived early afternoon. my mom was out to lunch and my dad was home. We did some errands together and my mom came home. They were waiting for a new washer and dryer to be delivered. It was delivered by two young guys (under 25) after 6pm. my mom thought they would do a rush job on friday, so my dad and i supervised them. I cleaned behind the appliances that were moved and ensured that there were no nicks or scratches on the washer and dryer. afterwards, it was late by my parents standards so we went to a local restaurant to eat. I used to refuse to eat there because i could not get hte meals fixed the way i wanted. due to time, i relented and i ordered the meal as i wanted and i was totally satisfied and glad that i tried this restaurant again.