Thursday, July 06, 2006

sunday and monday

i hooked up with my parents and went to the casino in Lincoln RI on sunday. I played in the casino all day on a 20.00 bill ( moms money) i was doing fairly well til i ran into her and her bad luck. We were there from 11=5 and went to dinner. I went shopping afterwards to get tent pegs, a poncho and other incidentals at the big boxed. at 930, i went outside and saw the fireworks from in front of the house. you can walk down the road and get a full view of the Milford Fireworks.

monday, my sister has a bbQ with corn, chicken, hamburgers, steak, hotdogs, salads, potato and macaroni and green and boca burgers for her vegetarian sister. THe girls got their books and gifts i brought them and we played cards. then it was pool time. My sister went swimming so i do. My neices loved playing catch with me in the floating chair and other pool games. i spent most of the day in the pool. i ate alot of green stuff and corn and then took the rest home. if i knew my brother was going to boston i would have stayed and gone to the fireworks with him but i didnt know or he didnt have room so i packed to go home- remembering my falcon ridge tent and sleeping back and air mattress and tarps

tuesday, i drove back to NY and unpacked, did wash, cleaned the kitchen, did my own grocery shopping and relaxed to the fireworks on TV and sound out my window.