Thursday, July 06, 2006

saturday- new bedford

i got the new bedford summerfest early and went to the mainstage. Before i did, i went to get a free ticket for the Phil Ochs song circle..but i didnt think that i wanted to go.. i wanted to see another workshop instead.
the first act of the day, was Gandolf Murphy, SLoan wainwright and the Kennedys.. there were lots of covers and some original songs..
the next thing i wanted to see was Lori McKenna on the main stage so i wandered around and Ran into my childhood neighbor, who is not music fan but has friends in new bedford and comes to the festivals there three times a years. so instead of seeing cliff eberhardt. i talked to mike my neighbor. I went for a soda and sat down to hear this Belfast band complete with fiddles, banjo and bagpipes and whistles. i then saw LOri who is just back from nashville. She has new waxed eyebrows and highlights in her hair. she told some sweet stories about her husband meeeting Tim McGraw and Faith HIll in boston and how her record is finished and she is waiting for word from warner brothers in nashville. she sang some new songs. it was a good set.
i then tried to see the Kennedys but the new stages are so small and hte number of poeple have grown that this festival is getting too crowded because the stage areas are too small. YOu had to go to the workshop before the one you wanted to make sure you got in.
i went to see Eliza Gilkyson with that same belfast band and a cape breton fiddler.. that was a trainwreck for her. she didnt fit in-

i stayed there for Al Tibbets, Jeff Davis, Ronny Cox and John Gorka doing sad songs of people and places. I asked JOhn to do Flying Red HOrse and he obliged me.
I saw something that i had never seen at a workshop. Jeff Davis explained he was playing a Frank Profitt Banjo...Three more exist in the world. he is a songcollector type guy and a purist.. he played a traditional tune and stopped and asked Ronny Cox's bass player TO STOP PLAYING ALONG. he said he was gonna do something rude and did just that..

i stayed for the Phil Ochs song circle because i had a ticket and seat and didnt have to move.
Bob Franke, Kim and REggie Harris, John Gorka, Anne HIlls, Sloan Wainwright, John Crookson, Pat Wictor all doing Phil ochs songs...

i didnt go back to new bedford on sunday due to threat of rain that didnt happen.