Monday, April 18, 2005

the attacks of hillary I

So just as the right wing attack machines have started gearing up to defeat me in 2006, we're sending a strong signal that we will be ready to fight back.

You may have seen stories about these "anti-Hillary" campaigns lately. As the New York Times said:

Arthur Finkelstein, the political guru who helped engineer the defeat of one Democratic luminary, Mario Cuomo, has his sights set on another: Hillary Rodham Clinton... His plan includes financing an advertising campaign against her similar to the one orchestrated by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth...

They're going to spend millions of dollars on personally negative attacks, hoping to keep me from speaking out on issues important to all of us, like protecting Social Security, the need to count every vote, and the dangers of the "nuclear option" that would end our democratic system of checks and balances.

Well, I have news for them: I am going to go right on, working hard and speaking out against the irresponsible, extreme policies of the Bush administration that I believe are leading America in the wrong direction.

from an email from friends of Hillary Rodham Clinton