Tuesday, April 26, 2005

swingers for social security

the social security swing votes rest with Republican Olympia Snow of Maine and Gordon Smith of Oregon. On the democratic side, the votes are with Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas

the gangsters seem to be same.. Republican... Hatch, Frist (who is out of his mind) Santorum ( who is the butt of many sexual jokes and even has a anal related sex act named after him by the readers of the Village voice sex column), Bunning, Crapo, Thomas, Lott, Kyl,

Kerry, Jeffords (ind), Wyden, Rockerfeller, Bingaman, Kerry, Schumer

The chairs being REP Grassley of Iowa and DEM Baucus of Montana

Why do i feel like its about these white men keeping their jobs sometimes..

Im watching the social security vote carefully...When RR went to IRA, to augement Social Security, he told us.. the US government would spend our investments so take care of yourself..
the current administration IS spending our investments and wants us to do a better job than they are...

call your REpresentative...Im calling Olympia Snow and Gordon Smith today