Saturday, April 02, 2005

the pope has died

John Paul II has finally died today or 930pm in rome. My thoughts are not for the pope or the catholic church. There are enough commentaries and criticisms that will appear. The State of the Catholic Church especially here in the US. I am sure that Cardinal Egan will have his say tomorrow at St Pats..

But my thoughts are with Amada. Amada is my ex- Admin Aide. Amada is working somewhere in child welfare in brooklyn. I met her when she applied for a job. She was a teacher in ecquador and was living and working in Queens. She was working in a factory earning minimum wage at an hourly rate. I hired Amada and she shone in her job. she carried herself with the respect and dignity.

I worked for St Josephs Service for children and families. a private agency somewhat connected to the Brooklyn and Queens Diocese.. I worked there for 15 years and learned alot about the church.. Nuns lie too.. and rituals and saint days.. but i learned about Grace from St Rita, i mean Sr. Rita our Executive Director and nun.. I learned about faith from Amada..

the pope came to NYC... all plans were made for a big event in Aquaduct Race Track.. i guess it was place big and safe enough for JOHN PAUL.. I had a ticket to go out there and see the Pope but Amada's faith and committment to her beliefs left me with no choice but to give her my ticket and the day off to see the POPE

Miles, hte young man that i worked with also met the POPE when he visited NY. He went to St Patricks for an audience with the POPE.. Miles was 7 and a self proclaimed catholic and innocent victim of AIDS. Miles wanted nothing more at that time than to meet the POPE and sure enough he had an audience as did his adoptive mother, Pat. Miles shared with me his rosary that the POPE gave him and evenutally he was buried with when the disease ravaged his body...

I hope Miles welcomes the POPE to the afterlife they believed in... I hope the pope remembers him...