Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the holiday of liberation

Passover or pesach or the holiday that celebrates the exodus of the jewish people from the oppressive Phararoh is upon us again.. Why is this year different than any other year? will be the question asked at the sedar table..

there are lots of differences this year.. Its our third year in Iraq at war.. oh those lies are the same lies.. they are just getting worse.. No weapons of mass destruction. lies of democracy.. same lies about the oil and a faux government.. same lies about christianization of america.. same lies about caring about the middle class or the poor..

so what makes this year different.. is it my EBV or my hot flushes ...

no what makes this year different is the amount of kosher for passover food in the markests.. when i was kid.. it was bad candy and matzah.. lots of matzah meal that was used for baking.. now it premade goods.. in the day it was the packaged mix of chocolate cake..that sucked.. now its bakery 7 layer was elute chocolate bars and fruit slices of sugar.. now its candy galore .. when i was a teen it was ice cream and potato chips and then it was bakery items..
now its pizza, noodles, ff dressing, spagetti sauce.. cereal like cheerios..
its not passover, its a wheatless, barleyless, speltless, ryeless, week with substitute products..
i cannot buy these because it will not be passover for me..

my ancestors didnt leave egypt with pizza on their back... it was matzah..
the matzah is the basis for all foods passover.. so why does it have to painless..
the jews leaving egypt and travelling for 40 days and 40 nights did not have a painless time.. giving up foods, reminds us of hte pain they felt for our freedom..
so why make easy

freedom shouldnt be easy... just ask the Iraquis under US occupation.. freedom isnt easy.. so in this season of liberation.. i am liberating myself from packages passover foods... too bad the administration doesnt libertate the iraqui...
somehow "let my people go" applies today..

so i will remember moses and remember the exodus and pray for another type of exodus..