Friday, April 29, 2005

missed opportunity dreams -gained opportunity dream

i woke from a fitful sleep with my cat lying across my body. the alarm clock hadnt rung..
this is what i remember. I was in the woods at a falcon ridge type place. i was among a group of people and i had a blanket, Ipod Earplugs and green sneakers. I was told that Dar is to be separated from Richard and I went to give another group my green sneakers.
i realized i was at falcon ridge and it was the tarp run for space that was beginning. I knew i had to go through the woods to a field which i did to see no one there... i had all the space but i chose to retract my steps and join the rest of the group and wait til the send off.. I realized that i didnt have fleece or a sweatshirt or something to keep me warm or any supplies. But i could call for them to be brought. I realized that i had driven in my car through the gates with NO TICKET. i saw a sound board type table with rare musical memorabelia like someone was selling or preparing to sell with the face and name of Mary Chapin Carpenter... I feel Lucky was what i saw on cardboard ready to be attached to a cd...
i then realized i missed an opportunity to place my tarp first before everyone else...the tarp run had begun and i was left behind and i had to take the left over space or find myself some space or make myself some space

and the alarm clock rang