Friday, June 02, 2006

celebrity sightings

Yesterday i went up to lincoln center to get a ticket to a VDAY event of readings from women in prison by celebrities. I got there after some initial confusion to what hall.. ALice Tully or Avery Fisher and i had to schelp over to Alice Tully. when i got there, i thought i was buying a general admission ticket and ended up with a reserved seat in row N center.
i then went to AAA and think that my sales rep was once a man but now is a woman. There was just something about her than gave me that sense. I got some information that i needed and headed to whole foods for dinner. I walked to Rockerfeller center to eat my dinner. i was fed and went over to ST pats to light a few candles and told a guy that i would like a candle for his mom on the 11th anniversary of her death
i then headed over to town hall where i saw Willie Nile and Roger Mcguinn. celebrity 1& 2
(it was roger mcguinn that i could immediately place)

Chris and I saw Jakob Dylan who i liked acoustic. I liked his voice and lyrics and then the main act. TBONE BURNETT. he played mostly his new cd True false identity. It was 70s punk or brit pop wiht beatnik poetry with a anti bush administration message and lots of Hammond B3 Organ. the musicians were skilled and talented, the music layer but the show was like a car crash... i wanted to stop looking at the red and blue and purple lights that flashed but couldnt not stop myself. I was entranced on what was next but wasnt interested it the music or poetry just into the circus of it all...

chris and i left before the headliner was done and i headed home to get to sleep after 12pm.

i woke up and let the exterminator in and went to my interview in Manhattan. I walked uptown and somehow ended up on 6th over to adelphi and then on grand. I passed this little open air cafe and saw a man who i thought i recognized and backtracked back. sure enough it was Michael Stipe unshaven meeting a friend for lunch. An exchange of kisses and i walked on by...(celebrity 3)
i walked up town only to be spend hours walked and getting caught in a hella of a rainstorm and getting wet