Thursday, June 15, 2006


sleeping with the air conditioner doesnt mean that you dont have hot flashes. I had two distinctive dreams that upset me and caused me to stay up for an hour or so.. the first dream had to do with my cat...she was visible and tried to get outside. As an indoor cat with out back claws that is a no no... I tried to get her in the window and saw two more cats jumped in. One looked like i her and in the dream, i had to keep my eye on MY cat not to confuse them. IN the dream, i was thinking how i could distinguish them apart. BY personality, by the back claws missing... I woke up in a sweat worried about my cat and having to determine her from these other cats. Or one other cat, the third was a tabby and that was a no brainer..

my second dream, had me sitting on Nina Potter's right in her monthly department meeting. It was odd for me, because i used to run the monthly meeting but she is the director now and i was back at CMS in a different role. in the dream, i realized i was there working and had to figure out my role. I asked NINA how she wanted me to interact and she wanted me to be a consultant to her and advise her. I then was walking along a path and saw carol Trzinski ( a SJ foster care director who became a supervisor in a nursing home).

carol told me that CMS intended to rehire me after thanksgiving and i thought that it was not a fine way to punish someone . I picked up a hand lawn mower and started to clean up the grounds. I was mowing the lawn and thinking that I was rehired??? i wanted to know the terms of the contract and the amount of money that i was earning.
I thought in the dream, that any income is better than unemployment. I saw Juanita the personnel or HR person and Mark in the distance. I wanted to ask my income.
i woke up in another sweat....