Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sleeping in the heat

without my vitamins on a regular basis or because of stress or because its getting hot, my hot flashes that keep me up at night have returned. I am up every two hours or so.
as i was falling asleep, i started to dream about this tank top with writing on it. I woke knowing that i have had this in a dream before. the same rock and roll teeshirt. I knew it was strange that i was dreaming about it again...

i dreamed that Ann Beattie was checking my references. in my dream, i saw Dorothy Worrell, a dear friend and Associate Exec of a major child care agency. i was face to face with dorothy and she told me she got a call about me. I then saw Ronni Fuchs another ST JOES colleague and she told me she also got a call about me... i thought in the dream that maybe i tapped into a larger force of energy and dreamed that my references were being checked.

in reality, i still have not heard anything about the trainer job even though i called to follow up