Wednesday, June 21, 2006


another night of being up most of the night. i couldnt fall asleep and then couldnt stay asleep. i was up a few times and i had this dream

i was in a place close to falcon ridge but with a combination of the bottom line club. Dar was going to be there along with neil young. the place was spacious if not outdoors. something happened that the place was being destoyed or a natural disaster was occurring. i didnt fear for my safety but rather concerned about saving the product. I put these things in my pocket that looked like nests, they belonged to Neil young. i grapped all the things i could to save or preserve and kept them.

i then saw a vase of flowers that were being placed on a bar as people waited in line. They were for Dar. i told the person next to be that i had the neil young things. i saw myself reach into my pocket to secure the valueable. i seemed to understand what i had done but no one else seemed to be as concernd that i had saved the valuables. i kept trying to tell people that i had them.