Thursday, June 15, 2006

ralph stanley

i had to cancel my date with the florida gays so i could go downtown to get into the STYVESANT auditorium to see Tres Chica and Dr Ralph Stanley... due to the threat of rain they moved the concert indoors...
i got there early and talked to the FUV staff and got more magnets and lip baum. the people started to line up at 530 for doors at 6pm. before 6pm they started to hand out tickets for the show...

i ended up with front row seats though there was a barricade between the stage and seatings...

Tres Chica are , CAITLIN CARY, LYNN BLAKEY, TONYA LAMM all who belong to other bands from chapel hill NC. they are harmony whores though i could have done with out their backing band and let the girls ring out their harmonies.

Dr Ralph starts in OLD TIMEY style with his band playing.. a fiddle, two lead guitars , banjo and mandolin and upright bass. His son, Ralph2 plays lead guitar and 13 YO grandson plays mandolin. Dr Ralph is a travelling walmart and he sold a sh*t load of merch last night. there are select items that are only available at ralph shows. He
did a bunch of traditional tunes and a bunch of instrumentals.
Ralph or Dr Ralph would introduce the artist to do their thing with another band memeber or solo... he orchestraed the entire show and the EMCEE..

the crowd loved him and after three standing ovations we were treated to his son doing some traditional song like Rollin in my sweet babys arms etc
some of the songs were Long Black Veil, Oh Death with Dr ralph accapella like in O brother...sitting on the top of the world, distant land ( carter family tune)

i walked back to the train and came home