Sunday, June 11, 2006


its still a weekend when you are unemployed... the weekends mean i dont have to worry about interview calls or rejections on friday night saturday or sunday. i dont have to live in the work week but everyone else does so my stress does too..

friday, i walked to the park and back and then went to fairway and headed out to westbury music fair to use the Linda Ronstadt ticket that i had paid for. I got there in more than enough time so i went to explore Westbury and i found Kohls and went there to use the faciliites and then found a drive in A&W. Valjean619 will tell you HOW much i love diet rootbeer so i scored on.
I went on to the theater. Linda had this upper west side jewish comedienne who was self effacing and told some bad jokes about being overweight.. she even stole some Bette MIdler jokes...
finally intermission and LR.

Linda hit the stage with a bass player, trumpeter, sax player, Pianist, Guitarist, and drummer

the set list: because i got one on my way out

whats new
bewitched bothered and bewildered
someone to watch over me
straighten up and fly right
guess ill hang my tears out to dry
get out of town
(complete with anti bush values rap and the audience yelling "shut up and sing" and "remember you are "living in the USA" ) she called them westbury CT
little girl blue
Lush life
too soon to know
Just one look
oooh baby baby
feels like home
somewhere out there
poor poor pitiful me

then the lights and sound went out.... the emergency lights went on and we were informed that there was a horrific storm happening and the music fair blew the lights and sound. it was quickly restored

Quiereme Mucho
blue bayou

i left westbury amidst a downpour and stomped out to my car and got drenched. My shoes were wet and i was wet up to my knees. I couldnt see where i was driving til i hit queens where there was NO rain and it was a smooth ride home

Saturday, i had to go to prospect park to volunteer orientation for Celebrate Brooklyn meaning you have to put chair up. I almost blew it off but decided the guilt would ahve gotten to me... so i walked up and went and then after the session saw that there was a street fair on PPW for Brooklyn Pride. so i walked it... lots of condoms and female condoms. the politicans wanted their petitions signed. I supported Gay Marriage in NY and stopped to talk to the NETS Mascot who gave me a Brooklyn Basketball hat... i got lots of free pins and chochkese...and walked home... i think that i was almost struck by a pigeon in the back of the head but couldnt find the remains...i just thought that damn bird shit on my head so i had to shower and wash my hair and condition it again.

i did my wash, steamed veggies and cut a cantaloupe and went to manhattan to union Square

today, i went to meet Joni mitchell list guy Jerry and his friend Frank who are on a NYC theater burn... 25 shows and Rufus wainwright in 10 days. it seems they do this every June for pride. i only emailed with Jerry so we agreed to meet up at their hotel and then go to a street fair on 3rd ave... they are not walkers like me and we took the train down to 14th and walked up to 23rd ... we walked to 34th and back down and then took the train to 42nd... we stopped for coffee and i walked back to Madison Sq park to try to see Bettye Levett. the weather was perfect and i got to the park to see shawn pelton and brian mitchell from shawn colvin's band on stage... i walked through the park and got more free chockese, a baseball hat and free Texas Pete samples... i walked through all this beer and sticky ground... the beer garden was filled with people who clearly had too many. there were more drinking than eating BBQ.. i skipped the pit because i dont eat meat...
i waited til 430 to see BL and she wasnt on yet.. knowing i had to get to union Sq and hten had to go home and to the grocery store i left before BL played
this is the 4th time i missed BL sing... maybe one more shot this summer for free..

im home with the newspapers after a busy weekend..... of NO RAIN-oh yeah except the monsoon on friday night

the rain last week was a drag....

this week will be museum mile night, or seeing Will shortz talk about his book and wordplay. i could see word play for free if i want to wait hours and give up WS lecture.. ralph stanley and tres chica on the river.... i am meeting Jerry and frank for Prarie HOme companion and dinner and rufus wainwright at carnegie hall and oh yeah... i have to get to weight watchers and adelphi to get some book this week....

maybe ill hear about a job this week