Sunday, January 16, 2005

MLK day

Nancy Giles on the CBS Morning Show wrote and editoral that struck me as true. After explaining Johnson signed the Voter Rights Act of 1964 and in the face of the travesty of the ELection of 2004, the best way to honor Dr King is to advocate for election reform
Why is it that in the US that there were not enough voting machines, not everyone was secure that their vote was counted, people had to wait for up to 8 hours to vote and the ballotting was faulty with no paper ballots. The citizens of the US should be reassured that their vote counts, so to honor Dr King to petition Congress to enforce election reform..

In the face of the world, the US will holding elections for leaders and the US cant get its own election process so that it is fair to all, that all can have the same opportunity to vote, and to ensure their vote is counted and not disappear in a black box...