Sunday, January 16, 2005

so being 45....

So now how do i feel about 45

I went to see whoopi goldberg on friday night, january 14... when i was going there, i thought everything that i need is already inside of me..
i had always heard that phrase and understood intellectually but i really didnt understand it emotionally.. I know what it means but i really dont know how to operationalize it or tap into those resources that i have inside that i have not sure..

so i went to see whoopi goldberg, a treat to myself and before the show started, i saw a woman buying posters, the merch maven informed her that if she waited at the stage door on 46th that Whoopi would sign it..
a RED light went off in my head.. Could i ask the house manager to send one backstage to get a signature... could i plead and inform her that THIS GOldberg was having a birthday and how about

well i put my plan in action and the house manager informed me that she would send it backstage but not promise anything... after, i waited for her anxiously and then explained my situation including that i have been a big fan and i am turning 45 today..
i took in the show from my second row balcony seat and FONTAINE the junkie entertained me about the presidential election and politics in general.. Fontaine's advise for the PRESIDENT and for the rest of us.. WATCH the Crawl.. all you need to know is on the CNN crawl...

then the next character a 50 someodd year woman who talked about menopause and her journey to get there through the history or sanitary products over the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and now the 90s... she talked about changes in attitudes towards natural body functions and how she thinks men act in restrooms and why it takes women so long because we are acculturated not to touch anything.. This character considers suicide when seh realizes she loses her "mother face" and decides not to kill herself but rather gets the lesson, TO HAVE FUN with and Through MENOPAUSE... so when that size 2 GAP Clerk looks at her disparagingly when she asks for the size 16 jeans.. she will tell them.. they are 5 years away from that HUGE Butt...

the last character was a physically disabled woman who tells the audience that she is getting married and how she met the man who will be marrying her..She tells about how he opened up her life to include activities and actions that she would have never tried because she was limited by her physical body.. he helps her open up and expand her life... and even when she questions his love and desire to marry her, he tells her its those limitations that he loves the most...

i laughed, i cried and carried on.. After the show i went to the lobby to find the house manager to find my poster... so neatly inscribed..

for Sharon
you dear ager you
happy bday
love whoopi

i know from my experience that a signature or a few minutes by an artist is really not big thing to them but i also have been asked to procur that signature and now i know what it means to the person receiving it... that poster signed without my having to wait.. i dont know what i could have said, would have said... i would have had to have told the story of the naming of my cat, i would have sounded like a blabbering idiot.. so i have a memory of a special night without making an ass of myself and i can carry away, just what i needed