Sunday, February 13, 2005

the gates

with much anticipation, i have been following the Gates project of Christo and Jean Claude as they drape Central Park in saffron curtains for two weeks. I decided not to go on the first day when they were unfurling the GATES but rather go on sunday, a day when the installation was complete and it was warmer..

when i got off the train at 57th, i could see the lower park and my first reaction was "OH MY G_D" the gates were beautiful. There was no breeze immediately and the curtains were still. As my walk continues there was a sense of festivity in the air. There were many languages and there were all sorts of people out in the park. There were families, older ameicans, young kids who didnt understand, lovers holding hands, people with cameras . There were lots of cameras and it was really and event. I saw lots of middle teenage kids and i thought that was cool that they were interested in the Gates. The installation is all over the park..

Then a parade of cop cars and a few limos riding down roads that cars cannot travel towards travern on the green.. Someone said Christo and Jean claude were in the limos and the park goers started to clap for the them as they passed... an act of appreciation for adding color to a drap february...

i may go see the gates again, they are different every day from every part of the park and when it rains or snows..The color of the saffron changes with the sun..
it really is stunning....and special