Monday, February 14, 2005

More on the Gates

happen to agree with brooklynboy Dave on the Gates. this brooklyn girl
has been long waiting the Gates project to come to fruition. It has been
changed by Christo and Jean Claude so that it will leave NO permanent
effect on central park.

THe gates are up for 2 weeks, originally to be a fall project, i am not
sure why it was moved to winter... it appears that there were alot of
compromises on both sides to make this come off.. Jean Claude has been
vocal about tackling resistance on all the projects they have done...

The gates are stunning.. when i exited the train at 57th, i saw the
beginning of the park and my first reaction was OH MY G-d... the gates
are all different based on the light and on the wind.. so each the same
is actually different. They will change with the rain and snow(?) and it
just art for art sake..

there are no hidden meaning or understandings to be had or corrected or
to be defined.. The gates have brought over a million people to the park
in two days,

parents and kids, older americans and many many foreigners and tourists
to see the project...

i loved the linear nature of the gates and the symatry while seeing each

THe Gates Rock in my book.... I want to see them everyday or again from
a different side of the park...

it was interesting to see the summerstage set surrounded by Gates or the
delacourt theater with Gates.. or all those places like the great lawn
or sheep meadow... only now they look a little different.. so i have
gained a new appreciation for the park and will look at differently
withouth THE Gates