Tuesday, February 15, 2005

valentines day 2005 version 2

my day began with the brake light on in my toyota so i pulled into my mechanic who diagnosed it with possible master cylinder problems?
so i left my car and got on the commuter train.. so i started to hand out hershey's kisses to my ticket clerk and the conductor..i then had to meet with Mr Sellack, so i gave him some kisses (i bet he ate then after i left) and then i handed the kisses to my staff of 30...and then to the postoffice clerks.. I had to go back to Hammond to get my car..

Minor cylinder problems on the right rear, new brake shoes on the rear and after 106,000 miles and summer on the horizon..I called in a tune up..so i postponed it a little too long (that was risk taking) so in Hammond, i got my car and treated the shop to the rest of the kisses... all the married men got hershey's kisses from me.. and i left my Valentines Day 492 dollars in the shop..
Gerry.. love your car and it will love you back, mile after mile after mile..

when i got home, i ran into my 5 year old friend Eddie. Eddie has a new baby brother who he wants to send back.. but last night he was going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. He even showed me the jiggling one in the front... i didnt have any chocolate left so i gave eddie a dollar, for the ice cream man.. his mom reminded me it was february..but Eddie and i knew that April will be here soon and you can never be TOO ready for the ice cream man...

so the point is, love is where you make it and love is where you find it...and sometimes love just finds you- You cant force it but you can create it...(I had a good therapist!!!)

well i celebrated valentines day tonight at joes pub with the velvet voice of Raul Malo previewing his new cd.. Its a cover Cd produced by Peter Asher
that was a valentines day night...

so gerry postpone your valentines day til you need one...maybe June or August or maybe the next time I see your face, i will have chocolate kisses for you....